EW Delivery


Two best friends; Aero the Cloud, and Plip the Droplet start a small business called “EW Delivery” ,which delivers types of weather throughout their wonderfully weird world. They soon find out that the line between good and evil runs deep in their competition to be on top.  

EW Worldwide


Express Weather Worldwide or EW Worldwide for short is a brand that encourages the idea that the tools to heal our world are through sharing with eachother.

Under this umbrella there will be art collections that each follow a different theme utilizing characters from the EW universe. These collections can include digital art, paintings, clothing, merch, animation, photography, and more. 





Zach Acherman


Zach Acherman is a compositor, illustrator, animator primarily working within Toon Boom Harmony and Procreate. He has always been into making webcomics and graphic designs since highschool. After attending Vancouver Film School’s classical animation program, Zach was able to work on the lighting and compositing for a number of great shows for Atomic Cartoons Vancouver studio! He loves all forms of art and dips his toe in many lakes. A bit of a Zach of all trades.